May your inspiration follow your dreams.

Luxurious Imperial Plaza banquet hall with panoramic French windows opens its doors to your most elegant desires. The premium up-to-date transforming hall with an area of 800 square meters is located in the heart of Moscow and offers you to have a unique experience, based on your required needs; whether it is a corporate event, wedding celebration, birthday, etc.

You will be surprised by our elegant interior designs, spectacular atmosphere and the latest technology and cuisine by signature Chef Abdessattar Zitouni.

A distinctive feature of the cuisine is the presence of kosher and halal certificates.

Imperial Plaza is a guarantee of the unforgettable experience of yours and each of your guest. Let your event become a special.

Rearrangeable space with 3 isolated zones which could be combined into 1.

With the aid of sliding walls, the banquet hall transforms into several conference rooms.

  • 1 Conference hall of 460 sq. m. and up to 326 occupancy
  • 2 Conference hall of 150 sq. m. and up to 125 occupancy
  • 3 Conference hall of 140 sq. m. and up to 125 occupancy


  • Banquet
  • Cocktail
  • Theatre
  • U-shape
  • School

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